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Statutory Purposes of the Organization

Non-Governmental Organization METAdrasi – Action for Migration and Development is a non-governmental organization founded in December 2009. Its members stand out for their long-standing experience in asylum issues, their know-how and contribution to this field.

METAction’s main goal is the promotion of a rational system for the management of mixed migration flows with respect for human rights, international and national legislation for the development of actions concerning the reception and integration of immigrants and refugees in Greece, as well as of actions supporting their voluntary return and reintegration in their countries of origin. Further goals are:

1. Free of charge provision of services for the socioeconomic integration of immigrants and refugees in Greece.
2. Free of charge provision of services for the return of immigrants to their countries.
3. The planning and implementation of development aid projects to the countries of origin of immigrants and refugees, within the framework of implementation and promotion of the “Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s)” adopted by 189 nations during the United Nations Millennium Summit in September 2000.
4. The development of a network of services for the formation, operation and management of open and closed reception centers for third country nationals and the support of local stakeholders in entry points.
5. Free of charge provision of services of legal aid, especially to persons entitled to international protection.
6. The creation, management and operation of lodging facilities for vulnerable population groups (unaccompanied minors, victims of torture and other forms of abuse, victims of trafficking, underprivileged).
7. The development of special actions for the protection and integration of unaccompanied minors in Greek society, family reunification, fighting violence against women, support of victims of trafficking, torture and other forms of abuse.
8. The development of projects for the provision of training and teaching the Greek language as a foreign language.
9. The development of structures for the training and certification of intercultural mediators and interpreters, and the provision of services of mediation and interpretation to organizations and natural persons.
10. The development of actions aiming at the provision of information and the population’s sensitization for the fight against racism and xenophobia.
11. The development of cooperation with public, private and broader public sector bodies, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, organizations of the Greek Diaspora, local self administration organizations of first and second degree, regions and ministries, aiming at the accomplishment of the organization’s goals.
12. The offer of advice and services to international organizations, national bodies and ministries for the promotion of the organization’s goals.
13. The drafting of studies and the conduct of research for the comprehension of all aspects of the phenomenon of migration and the refugee population, at a national and international level.
14. The development and promotion of volunteerism in the organization’s fields of action.
15. The development of projects and actions for the prevention of the consequences and the provision of support to populations suffering from climate change, rendering them forced migrants.
16. The publication of books and other printed material relevant to the aforementioned organization’s goals.
17. Nationals are not excluded as target groups supported under the organization’s actions, as long as a concrete activity allows/ demands it.