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Metadrasi - 21 3 metadrasi against discrimination a

21st March, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: All equal, all different!

“I am Elmer, the colourful elephant. I am different, I am special. Everyone loves me the way I am… You?”

METAdrasi’s educational team at the Non-Formal Education Center in Chios, with the aim to highlight the importance of equality and respect for diversity, has organised, with the help of a volunteer, activities to raise awareness against discrimination. Our students enjoyed participating in creative workshops, while they learned how to love others the way they are!

METAdrasi’s Non-Formal Education Centers in Chios and Lesvos operate with the support of UNHCR, providing educational activities to more than 450 school-age children, on a daily basis.

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