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Steps towards integration: successful completion of the 4th Stepping Stone Training Seminar

METAdrasi’s Stepping Stone programme aims to facilitate refugees’ and migrants’ integration, through educational activities and paid internships.

Recently, 17 beneficiaries, from 8 countries, most of them living in refugee camps, completed the “Stepping Stone” seminar.

METAdrasi’s Stepping Stone programme includes educational activities (intensive greek language courses, english and computer courses), counselling and support on legal issues related to employment, as well as technical and professional training (for example, sewing seminars). After the completion of the programme, a one-week training seminar takes place, with the aim to reinforce the participants’ social skills and to offer them guidance related to work ethics and CV preparation.

Through a business network that supports the Stepping Stone activity, METAdrasi helps refugees to find a job through paid internships of three to six months duration.

In the first 10 months of the Stepping Stone project, 90 beneficiaries have participated. Out of them, 22 have already started their internships and another four have been granted scholarships.

Stepping Stone is supported by the “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Konstantakopoulos” Foundation.

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