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A bright new start with study grants for two beneficiaries Of METAdrasi

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

Through the Academic Counselling programme implemented by “Stepping Stone” a new life has begun for two of METAdrasi’s beneficiaries: their student life.

IEK SVIE, actively supporting vulnerable social groups, is one of the first Educational Institutions to collaborate with the Academic Counselling programme, granting exclusively to its beneficiaries, two full scholarships in any discipline of their choice.

With the guidance of METAdrasi’s Academic Counselor, J.R, will further expand his horizons in photography and digital design at the Department of Information Technology & New Technologies, and A.C, being passionate about cooking, will be enrolled at the Culinary Studies at IEK SVIE.

The directors of IEK SVIE have welcomed their new students, full of enthusiasm and impatience, who are looking forward to this new beginning.

We are very proud to see our students equally participating in inclusive societies, the basic requirement of which is education. Congratulations!

For more information about METAdrasi’s Academic Guidance Counselling programme, please click here.

Stepping Stone is supported by UNHCR.

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