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A celebration for our children from Athens’ Accommodation Facility

“Last Thursday afternoon, the Educational Association “Aristotelis” and People’s Assembly of Kolonos, Sepolia, Plato Academy invited the unaccompanied children accommodated in METAdrasi’s facility that is located in their area, to a celebration they prepared in order to meet us. The children, the facility’s staff, members of METAdrasi’s Guardianship Network for Unaccompanied Minors and other members of our team dressed up and in high spirit headed to the People’s Assembly Stage in Sepolia.

In a very cozy space, we were heartily greeted by our new friends, teachers and residents, young and old. They offered us delicacies and urged us to participate in group activities. The celebration was soon to begin.

At first, Stefanos Ganotis played Greek traditional melodies on the accordion, until one of our children from Afghanistan took over a toumperleki that was in the room and started playing rhythms from his homeland, adding a new dimension and color to the music. This new sound traveled our spirits and surprised us positively. We watched the kids getting up and dancing to traditional songs of their countries, sweeping us along.

At the end, we all got to know each other and expressed the desire to meet again soon.”

Eleni, member of METAdrasi’s team

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