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Metadrasi - metadrasi training b

A multicultural school: needs and challenges

Metadrasi - metadrasi training b

Recently, METAdrasi’s two-day training seminar entitled “A multicultural school: needs, challenges and relations inside and outside the classroom” was realised. It was addressed to volunteer teachers at METAdrasi’s educational activities for refugees and migrants – adults and children aged 6-18.

Various issues were presented and discussed, such as: particularities of teaching Greek as a foreign language, dealing with a multicultural group of students, protection of vulnerable groups and personal data, efficient handling of demanding cases, collaboration with parents, interpretation in the educational procedure etc. Additionally, the seminar included interactive activities.

The response was particularly warm and enthusiastic! As our volunteer mentioned: “It is not only the knowledge that I gained and that will help me in further supporting my students and also improve myself as an educator. Above all, the exchange of views and ideas, made me feel member of a team of inspired educators who accomplish such an important work!”

We would like to thank all participants for their dynamic presence, as well as our remarkable speakers for their valuable contribution.

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