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A visit to the Archaeological Museum of Chios for the unaccompanied children of our shelter

The unaccompanied children residing at METAdrasi’s Transit Accommodation Facility in Chios, made a special journey in the past by visiting the Archaeological Museum of the island.

Through the routes of the exhibits, starting from the Mycenaean period and reaching the late Roman era, the young visitors met and wandered around the history of Chios and the history of the Greek civilization.

The children were impressed by the tools, utensils and vessels of every day day use that the islanders had in antiquity; they couldn’t understand how people lived back then without… mobile and internet!

In the end, they decided that since the ancient Greeks accomplished such great things only by the means they had available, then they can certainly achieve a lot with the modern means of our time!

METAdrasi’s Transit Accommodation Facilities in Chios and Samos are funded by EEA Grants in the framework of the Asylum and Migration programme.
Fund operated by ΣΟΛ Crowe and HumanRights360

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