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“A window into the future” for the students of METAdrasi’s educational center in Chios

Acknowledging the immense importance of education and of learning the Greek language for the smooth integration into society, METAdrasi provides lessons to refugees and migrants, since its founding in 2010.

Specifically in the last four years, due to the fact that 40% of the refugee population are children, METAdrasi has begun an effort to meet their educational needs in the islands and the mainland. With the valuable support of UNHCR, we have created non-formal Education Centers in Chios and Lesvos which are located outside the camps so that children living in the often miserable conditions of the hotspots have the opportunity to be in a school environment for some hours.

In total, more than 450 school-age children benefit on a daily basis from METAdrasi’s Educational Activities on the islands.

Now that schools are re-opening, we must not forget those children who have been left inside the camps for so many months. Let’s give them the opportunity to get their notebooks, carry their bags and go to school, just like the other children.

We warmly thank UNHCR for their support and for creating this video of the efforts being made at our educational center in Chios in order to open for every refugee child “a window into the future”.

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