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METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Athens: Party time!

As we approach the end of the school year, Ali, Mustafa, Rania, Aziz, Mira and another 9 children, aged up to 12 years old, invited their friends and classmates to their home, METAdrasi’s accommodation facility for unaccompanied minors in Athens.

With great joy about their impressive progress at school and equally great expectation for a summer that will bring relaxation and fun by the sea, they organized, their own party, together with the accommodation’s staff: they prepared the house and the garden, they cooked and selected music. The children enthusiastically welcomed their friends, among them several members of METAdrasi’s team, as well as their teachers and classmates’ parents.

Under the lemon trees, the garden was filled with laughter, smiling faces and music from all over the world. The children danced and sang along in greek, arabic, farsi and english and we all shared an unforgettable evening!

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