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METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Athens: “This is us!”

Metadrasi - 16665808 1970859879722060 6705707959537245973 o

The 14 children hosted in our facility in Athens came up with the idea to draw all together, in a large piece of paper, their lives: the Facility that is their temporary home, the car which is parked outside and takes them to school every day, a helicopter with which they dream to travel to other European countries and find their relatives, and of course, themselves.

When a member of our team visited them, they gave it to him saying “This is us in the picture!”.

“We were impressed that the children created, all together, so spontaneously, this picture,” says Athina, Head of the Accommodation Facility. “The children have shown in their own way that despite the differences between them, in terms of age and origin and despite the serious problems that trouble them, they have created strong friendships.”

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