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METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Samos: a day dedicated to the environment

The unaccompanied children hosted in our accommodation facility in Samos expressed their interest to be occupied with the environment’s protection on the island where they live. Responding to their wish, the facility’s staff organized a series of actions in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Conservation “Archipelagos”.

Following a first introduction meeting between the children and the Archipelagos’ volunteers, they all together proceeded with cleaning the beach and its surroundings. After a few hours, they had gathered 54 big rubbish bags, 24 out of which with aluminum cans and 30 with plastic and other garbage.

During the rest of the day, they shared activities such as Christmas crafts, ping pong tournament and music playing. The children enjoyed their interaction with the volunteers and nature, while some of them expressed their will to get involved as volunteers in “Archipelagos”. Our next activity: afforestation!

“We had such a great time”, said young Fatih*, “We improved the appearance of the beach and that made me feel very good! I am proud of making a change to the environment!”

*The child’s name has been changed for the protection of his personal data

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