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Sadness for a lost life, actions for the unaccompanied children…

It’s always hard when a family loses a member. But it is particularly touching when, while suffering, the family members think of refugee children found in Greece without their own family.

We would like to thank wholeheartedly the family of Yiannis Kouvaris, President of the Hellenic Ports Association, for suggesting to relatives and friends to support, in his memory, METAdrasi’s actions for the unaccompanied children. The funds raised will be a valuable contribution to the operation of METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Chios.

We are sending our thoughts to the relatives and acquaintances of Yiannis Kouvaris, along with our warm condolences.

In the photo you can see five out of the dozens of children who have been hosted since June 2016 in METAdrasi’s Facility in Chios, the only accommodation facility for unaccompanied minors on the island.

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