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Acts of Love

Particularly moved, we post the letter we received from a very special family:

“We are a family with three young children.
A year ago, a new member joined our family: our little Argyro*, a child of those abandoned in institutions, who had minimal chances of being adopted.
The day before yesterday we baptized her. And we wished to repay the great luck for her to finally have a family, as well as for us who have found her, offering you a small sum that our guests gave us instead of gifts.
We admire your work and we hope to contribute for a little relief and some more children smiles.
So this is a gift from Argyro* for all these troubled children, and of course for you who give part of your soul.
Along with the donation, we send you our love, our thoughts and our absolute support.
Thank you for being there Metadrasi - 2764

People like this special family give us daily the strength to continue. We wholeheartedly wish to little Argyro* and her siblins to have a happy future, full of love and to their parents to share with them only beautiful moments!

Find out how you may contribute as well to METAdrasi’s work: https://metadrasi.org/en/support-us

*The child’s name has been changed for the protection of her personal data

Note: The photo is from children’s crafts in METAdrasi’s Mother and Child Area in Thessaloniki Asylum Service.

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