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ANNOUNCEMENT – Let’s all help the children “breathe”!

As the 39 unaccompanied minors staying temporarily in a hotel in Kamena Vourla begin their fifth day “trapped” inside, METAdrasi calls on the citizens, the local authorities and the competent entities to cooperate in order to bring the situation back to normal. Yesterday, Saturday, the weather was rainy and it was the first day of calm. The delivery of the catering was done without delays and was not prevented by residents as in previous days. We hope that common sense will prevail in the coming days.

The children are still in a state of intense psychological pressure and find it difficult to understand what caused this hostility and why this situation was created.

Is it possible that 39 children consist a threat to the local community? That they are not even able to sleep because of the voices of the residents that were staying outside the hotel? That they are being “used” to put pressure on the State for whatever reason?

We call on the residents to feel just for a moment, what the children are experiencing and we hope that there will be an end to verbal violence and intimidation towards the children, the members of METAdrasi and the hotel owner.

It is an absolutely necessary for the children to calm down, to feel safe and enter in a state of normalcy, like any other child their age. In order to do this, we need the cooperation of all local authorities and entities and especially of the residents. Let’s all help the children “breathe”!

METAdrasi’s team was by their side before they were transferred to Kamena Vourla and will continue to support them until they are moved to a permanent, safe environment.

We warmly thank the hundreds of citizens from all over Greece for their messages of support and solidarity.

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