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Announcement: Emergency in Lesvos

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Complete destruction of the camp in Moria. About 12,500 refugees and migrants in desperate conditions. 60% are women and children!

The fire almost completely destroyed Moria’s Reception and Identification Center (RIC) and the tents around the camp. We express our deep sorrow and concern for the thousands of people left without accommodation, as well as for the local society that is being tested once again.

Since dawn, all of METAdrasi’s teams have been trying to help: The Guardians, lawyers and educators who know the unaccompanied children of Moria are trying to find and transport them to a specific place outside Moria, since during the night, the four hundred children hurriedly abandoned the camp and scattered themselves in the surrounding areas. It is positive that the Greek State and the European Commission moved immediately to transport them to the mainland.

Our interpreters’ teams are at Mytilene hospital, in Kara Tepe, and in Moria helping out with all interpretation needs. At the same time, we are organizing the first delivery of immediate humanitarian aid to Lesvos in order to meet the basic needs of at least the most vulnerable groups.

We share with you a most touching incident:

This morning, a member of our team of escorts carried out an escorting mission of a little boy to an accommodation facility in northern Greece. There, the escort found some children whom she had previously accompanied from Moria playing volleyball. The children immediately recognized her and ran to her to greet her. At some point, one of the children approached her and said to her in English: “I saw what happened in Moria. Bring some of the children here too. I have plenty of space in my room, you can put as many children as you want there!”

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