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The necessity of safeguarding quality interpretation within the framework of the refugee situation


METAdrasi’s announcement regarding the incident at Samos Hospital:  

“Τhe necessity of safeguarding quality interpretation within the framework of the refugee situation”  

We are referring to the recent incident regarding the exploitation network that operated in Samos, issuing fake medical certificates to refugees and migrants and to which doctors, nurses and interpreters were involved. These interpreters were not members of METAdrasi and the incident confirms once again the necessity of safeguarding quality interpretation and of the implementation of a specific code of conduct regarding the role of the interpreter within the framework of the refugee situation.  

METAdrasi’s team of interpreters covers, for nine years now, interpretation needs not only at Samos’ hospital, but also in healthcare services on the islands that are subject to great pressure due to refugee flows, either on a volunteering basis and on own resources, or with the support of the UNHCR.  

“A reason why one of our first activities was the creation of a trustworthy interpretation system, was the fact that incidents, like the one in Samos, were the norm and not the exception and they would lead to the distortion of the asylum procedure itself”, states Lora Pappa, METAdrasi’s president. 

The fact that within METAdrasi’s nine years of provision of interpretation, none of the members of our interpreters team, which consists steadily of more than of 350 members, has ever been exposed to such incidents, is not a coincidence. METAdrasi since 2010 has created a system of selection, multiday training, examination and certification, constant assessment and further training, interpreters’ code of conduct and mainly a specific coordination and supervision mechanism for the interpreters in the field. It is a unique holistic model of provision of interpretation, not only on a national, but on a European level as well.  

The provision of quality and impartial interpretation safeguards the right of communication among refugees, authorities and entities that have to cover the existing needs within the framework of the refugee situation and it should on no account be an object of exploitation” concludes Ms Pappa. 

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