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Announcement regarding the repeated fires at the Reception and Identification Center in Samos

Metadrasi - metadrasi moria camp

Regarding the repeated fires at the Reception and Identification Center in Samos, that started on Sunday afternoon and continued today, we would like to express our sadness and concern for the dozens of people who are left without accommodation. Fortunately, there were no victims, but there is a lot of commotion and tension due to the conditions that have been prevailing in the overcrowded camp for many months. The fire reached up to the Safe Area where unaccompanied minors reside. METAdrasi’s team, acting immediately, promptly removed the children to a safe space outside the camp. The team stayed with them until the early morning hours, to make sure that everything had returned to a certain regularity. The youngest child, a 8-year-old boy, was hosted in METAdrasi Transit Accommodation Facility in Samos. Then, on Sunday, after the fire had been put out and we had received all the relevant guarantees from the competent authorities, we brought the children back to the hotspot where we distributed water and scarves for the face as the atmosphere was still suffocating. Today, fires started at 11 in the morning and the children were removed once again. Until now we remain with them away from the camp. Regarding the 8-year-old boy, after an oral Prosecutor’s order he is to remain in the Transit Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors on the island, while we expect two more unaccompanied minor girl who will also be hosted in the Accommodation Facility.

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