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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Scholarship Project 2023

Annual meeting of METAdrasi’s Scholarship Project

The annual meeting of METAdrasi’s scholarship project took place yesterday in a joyful atmosphere, with the participation of scholars from all four cycles of the project.

Our scholars presented their academic achievements, shared valuable knowledge and experiences and discussed the challenges they face, discovering that they all deal with the same struggles. In addition, they talked about how they imagine their life will be after the completion of their studies and highlighted the importance of this opportunity they have been given.

METAdrasi’s President, Lora Pappa, congratulated our students on their strength and, together with the Education team, encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams for the future.

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Scholarship Project 2023

Recognizing the need to ensure equal access opportunities at all levels of education, METAdrasi launched a scholarship project in April 2021 to widen and facilitate refugee access to higher education. To date METAdrasi supports 38 scholars from amongst the suitably qualified refugee and asylum-seeker population for a degree of their choice at the University of the People, an American-accredited online institution.

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