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Certification of Torture Victims

Following the suspension of the operation “Medical Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims” (MRCT) in 2008, METAdrasi took over in order to cover the gap on the diagnosis and certification of torture victims in our country.

Since September 2011, METAdrasi has been conducting the identification and certification of torture victims. The program is operated by an interdisciplinary team (social worker, doctor, psychologist, lawyer) former members of MRCT with 30 years of experience in the field.

The whole process is based on the “Istanbul Protocol“, manual on the effective investigation and documentation of torture allegations and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Since 2011 until February 2020, 1,350 individuals have benefited from this service.

The procedure followed includes:
• The first interview is conducted by the social worker, during which the history of the individual is being recorded and reference is made to other aspects of his/her life (marital status, educational level, political action, occupation, etc.)
• The clinical examination and assessment by the specialist doctor follows. During these, the compatibility of information from medical history and objective findings with specific torture methods is checked.
• A structured interview is also carried out with the team’s psychologist, where the psychosocial state and different needs of psychosocial support of the individual are investigated before, as well as after torture.
• The last interview is conducted by the expert on legal investigation in order to examine the specific facts described by the person during the previous interviews, based on the conditions prevailing in the country of origin (social, political, etc.) during the reported period of time

All interviews are conducted with the help of a trained interpreter, unless the parties can communicate directly with the experts in English or French.

Each of the specialists makes a final assessment of the findings and assesses the likelihood of the individual having been tortured, according to the scale provided by the “Istanbul Protocol”. Finally, and with the consent of all experts, the relevant certificate (total expert report) is issued and received in person by the applicant. In addition, the applicant is referred to specialized entities for further support according to his or her needs.

The applicant is the only person who can decide whether to use the certificate in order to support his / her asylum application in accordance with international law and practice.

The activity is being implemented by METAdrasi with the valuable support of UNHCR and the European Commission’s Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations Department (ECHO).

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