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Foster Care for Unaccompanied and Separated Children

Many unaccompanied children arrive in Greece having lost or having been separated from their relatives. Because of this, unaccompanied minors are often in need of safe and adequate housing. METAdrasi has developed a temporary foster system to address this need, providing minors with safe housing and support until they are reunited with relatives in Europe.

Having existed for decades in other EU countries, the foster system is often the optimal option for unaccompanied minors. METAdrasi’s foster care activities comply with national law and the International Convention on Rights of the Child in cooperation with the local Prosecutor’s Offices and authorities.

A warm hug, a kind word, homemade food with a place at the family table, precious moments of relaxation, the sense of security… these are the everyday luxuries that unaccompanied minors receive while in foster care – luxuries that are often neglected throughout their treacherous journeys.

For more information on the foster care programme, you can contact us:
• by sending email in foster@metadrasi.org
• by calling at 214 1008700
• by filling the form below

    Are you interested in hosting an unaccompanied child?

    If you and your family want to offer hospitality and care to an unaccompanied minor for the period needed, fill in the form below and we will contact you.


    The activity “Foster Care for Unaccompanied and Separated Children” was initiated with funding by EEA Grants, through Bodossaki Foundation and since August 2016 is supported by UNHCR, with co-funding by the European Commission.

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