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HELIOS PROJECT – Integration Learning Center

METAdrasi, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), started on January 2020 the operation of an Integration Learning Center, within the framework of HELIOS – Hellenic Integration Support for Beneficiaries of International Protection project.

The objective of HELIOS project is two-fold:

  • to increase beneficiaries of international protection prospects towards self-reliance and support them in becoming active members of the Greek society, and;
  • support the Greek authorities in establishing a sustainable integration mechanism for beneficiaries of international protection in Greece, as part of the overall Migration Management System in the country.

The courses at the integration center are designed for refugees and focus on acquisition of Greek language skills and a variety of social skills, in order to promote the social integration, job readiness and to support their independent living in the country. The courses are offered either with physical presence or online, thus providing equal opportunities for all and assisting vulnerable groups.

Each course lasts six months (with 360 teaching hours in total) and includes daily Greek language classes (including support to receive language certification) and a soft skills component including cultural orientation, job readiness and life skills.

For our students who are parents, we offer them the opportunity to leave their children (2-7 years old) in the Recreational Space for Children, during their daily classes.

Students also have access to a network of supportive activities, such as professional counseling and support services for independent housing.

The project as of January 1st 2022 is funded through the co-financed part of the Public Investment Programme of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.