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Interpretation Services

In far too many cases, the lack of access to basic interpretation services has inhibited communication between case workers and third country nationals. This issue has been recognized as one of the main problems related to the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Greece.

In an effort to tackle this problem, METAdrasi created an integrated translation system, its main goal to provide quality interpretation services. Provisions of this system include:

● Τraining material developed in accordance with international standards and regularly-updated language tools for interpreters specializing in asylum procedures
● Τraining and certification of interpreters as well as supervision, evaluation and regular reassessments
● Use of a Teleconference System connecting interpreters to third country nationals throughout the country

In this context, METAdrasi has conducted 91 Interpreters’ Training Seminars, and has created a pool of 350 active interpreters, in over 60 languages and dialects and has been providing quality interpretation services in the following frameworks: Asylum Procedures, First Reception & Identification Procedures, Hospitals, NGOs and Agencies involved with the Target Group, as well as embassies of other European countries by locally based teams in Athens and other points in Greece or missions of interpreters.


For further information and requests, you may contact METAdrasi at +30 214 100 8700 or through mail at info@metadrasi.org