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Photographic exhibition “Centrifugal” by Rahmat Ahmadi


A few words regarding Rahmat’s work by his photography teacher Yiannis Simos:

“Centrifugal is the illusion that a body can escape the circular orbit it is in. This force is not applied on the body, yet it enables the study of motion issues.

Rahmat’s photographs strike me as forces bursting out of a nucleus and struggling to pass the boundaries of the frame. The moment they hit the strict lines of the photo frame, they return pulsating to the nucleus that gave birth to them.

As cliché as it sounds, I cannot help but feel that his photographs and life are alike. He spent his childhood in Afghanistan, his adolescence in Iran and his youth in Greece. No matter how strong the forces that pushed him away from his birthplace, an invisible gravitational pull still held him in orbit around a nucleus, one I find hard to name. Homeland, memories, belonging, hope for the future; words worn from overuse and incapable of describing this peculiar force. Perhaps the silent speech of photography will succeed in doing so.

Some may regard these photographs as a personal journal, whereas others may find they represent a primary documentation of migrants lives in our time. I merely want to say that whenever I met Rahmat he always carried his camera. An attempt to familiarize himself with the medium, his city and this fictitious force.”

We will be expecting you at the opening of the exhibition, on Friday 5 October at 20:30, in Black Box, 31 Lekka Str. & Kolokotroni Str., 3th floor, Syntagma Sq.

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