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METAdrasi helps the Children’s Hospital through blood donation

On Friday, April 16, METAdrasi carried out a voluntary blood donation in the new space of ​​the Dormitory for homeless children.

As the restrictive measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic have led to a reduction of at least 40% in the number of blood units collected and while the needs remain high, METAdrasi decided to take an action of expression of social solidarity by carrying out a voluntary blood donation for the Children’s Hospital.

METAdrasi’s members and friends, responded to the call of the Organization and arrived on Friday, April 16, with scheduled appointments in the new space of ​​the Dormitory for homeless children that had had special adjustments for the occasion, to donate blood. The blood collection was performed with the valuable support and excellent cooperation of the Department of Preventive Medicine of the Municipality of Athens and the Children’s Hospital ‘Aghia Sofia”.

As a METAdrasi interpreter who participated in the blood donation, characteristically stated: “Normally during Ramadan we do not give blood, because we will have the strength to observe the fast. But I thought that for one day it would be better instead of fasting, to come and offer blood that will help people that is in need.”

By participating in the blood donation, the members of the METAdrasi team prove that when Civil Society listens and responds to the needs of our fellow humans, it can, through simple actions, such as blood donation, offer significant help.

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