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Communication with unaccompanied children through painting

Unaccompanied children express their thoughts, dreams and hopes with colors. We invite you to come and get to know them through their drawings at the closing event of the Program “We are all Citizens” on Saturday 19/11/2016 at Technopolis and create cards with your own messages (info: bit.ly/2fRz2Is)

Sevastianos, member of METAdrasi’s Guardianship Network for Unaccompanied Minors of Kos, talks about his personal communication with unaccompanied children through drawing:

“Having, myself, a passion for painting, I started in September weekly drawing workshops for children in the Reception and Identification Centre of Kos. Each week, 15 children are waiting impatiently to draw together!

In the workshops I try to provide a nice atmosphere as well as a climate of cooperation among children. I encourage them to experiment with different materials and techniques, depending on how they want to express themselves on paper. Apart from the pleasant activity, they practice in the combination of materials, in order to synthesize and create freely. I, mostly, urge them to express their feelings, to observe their work, through jokes, and use painting as a means to focus and to revive positive thoughts.

Every time we meet, they ask me “when are we going to draw again?” and I am glad that I see them yearn and enjoy it, that they want to learn more!”

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