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Completion of the 2nd cycle of the Training for Childcare and Care of Infants

“This class helped us discover our inner child!”

G. is one of the 16 participants of the Programme Training for childcare and care of infants, which is implemented by METAdrasi, with the support of UNHCR. She has just completed the second cycle of this training along with other beneficiaries from Morocco, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ukraine, Georgia, Albania and Mozambique.

The aim of the programme is to enhance the skills of the participating women so that they can be opted for the roster of “Neighbourhood Nannies”, instigated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and to further facilitate their integration to employment while ensuring equal participation and access to the market.

The women completed a total of 180 hours training course in a private Vocational Training Institute, coupled with four months of intensive Greek language courses at METAdrasi’s Educational Centre, as well as seminars on Child Protection and First Aid.

“It wasn’t just the courses.  This experience brought us closer, and we got to know different cultures, customs, traditions and habits of other people, which was really exciting!”

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