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During the interpreter’s break

Metadrasi - METAdrasi interpreter

It is an ordinary day for our interpreters who help in the clinic of the camp in Elefsina. Our interpreter, Ali*, takes a break after a demanding interpretation session regarding a difficult incident, when two little girls, Fatima* and Amal*, timidly approach the interpreters’ waiting area. As the door is open, they come in and start running around, picking up things, looking for something to play with.

At that moment, Ali’s voice is heard saying something to them in Arabic. The girls immediately calm down and while we all thought that he had scolded them to stop making a fuss, we see that he has already picked up a book from the library that is on the site to read a story to them!

Having a daughter the same age as the girls, Ali knows exactly what to do. The two little girls immediately sit on the couch, listening enchanted to his story.

These simple gestures, like reading a story to two little girls during my break, are what make my day special and create unique memories, hopefully not only for myself but also for the girls,” says Ali.

* Names have been changed to protect personal data.

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