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Metadrasi - step2school metadrasi earthday s

Step2School: Earth Day

Metadrasi - step2school metadrasi earthday a

Yesterday, on the occasion of International Earth Day, METAdrasi’s students visited Organization Earth’s “Center of the Earth” in Antonis Tritsis Metropolitan Park.

After a warm welcoming, with hot pennyroyal, our children participated in educational activities. They learned more about plants and animals, they watched them closely, they planted their own seeds, fed the horses, were guided around Queen’s Tower Estate and played games.

The children, their parents and the educators enjoyed this unique chance to get closer to nature and learn about its protection and care.

METAdrasi’s activity Step2School is being realised with the valuable contribution of volunteers, support by Greek America Foundation and in cooperation with the “Open Schools” programme of the Municipality of Athens, which operates with Stavros Niarchos Foundation as fοunding donor, with the coordination of Athens Partnership and John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation as activities supporter.

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