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Education continues at METAdrasi’s non-formal Education Center in Chios

The lockdown period we are going through is very difficult for the children, and especially for the refugee children residing in camps, having to face more restrictions in their movement. Precisely for these children, their participation in Education and the maintenance of even a small degree of “regularity” in their daily lives, are of tremendous importance.

So, just like during the first lockdown, our Education team at METAdrasi’s non-formal Education Center in Chios, brought back immediately after the second closure of the schools in Greece, the process of distributing worksheets.

Students from 6 to 17 years old, divided in age groups, arrive at scheduled days and hours on the Patio of the Education Center. Wearing their masks, preserving social distancing and filled with desire to learn, they receive the educational material while returning for correction the worksheets they have already completed.

At the same time, the few “lucky” students who have a mobile and internet access receive support through online applications for their education.

Once again, students and teachers set an example of how we can overcome obstacles even in these difficult circumstances as long as we have the will, determination and creativity.

▶️ Education activities for children on the islands are implemented with the support of UNHCR.

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