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ENTAXEI as a “tool” for integration

When at METAdrasi we started designing the Multilingual Support Guides ENTAXEI and ENTAXEI 2, our aim was to help people with little familiarity with Greek language to integrate in the Greek educational system.

The two Guides, approved by the Greek Ministry of Education, seem to be surpassing this initial aim, since they are now used as a tool to rebuild the lives of our fellow humans and support their integration in the Greek society. Educators of Greek learning programs for the inmates of Larissa Detention Facility, use ENTAXEI in order to help refugees and migrants learn the language.

METAdrasi proudly supports these inmates who show a praiseworthy desire to learn and of course their educators who help them make a fresh start.

The reprint of the Multilingual Support Guides ENTAXEI and ENTAXEI 2 was made possible with the financial assistance of Latter-Day Saint Charities.

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