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“Entaxei” in the classroom

The Multilingual Support Guide “Entaxei” was created by METAdrasi with the aim of providing a valuable learning tool for children that do not speak the Greek language. Filled with bright colours and pictures, it presents the fundamental elements of vocabulary and grammar in a pleasant and joyful way.

We visited one of METAdrasi’s classes, where children 6-12 years old were taught for the first time with the aid of “Entaxei”.

To the question: “Do you like this book?” all the children answered with enthusiasm: “Yes!”
“It’s well structured and designed and makes them more eager to fill in exercises”, tells us Lina, their teacher. “They were especially happy when we told them that these books are their own and that they could take them home with them. A student asked for extra books for his two siblings”.

Little Karim told us that at the beginning it seemed a bit difficult. “Only at the beginning… now I find it amazing!” his teacher translated his words from Arabic.

“It is like a game!” said Layla, showing us her first written words in Greek. “This little girl did not speak any Greek when she started taking lessons, only a few days ago”, explains her teacher, “and her progress is spectacular!”

The guide’s reprint was realised with the support of European Commission’s Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations department (ECHO).

You may find further information and get the print or digital edition, accompanied by sound files, here.

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