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Metadrasi - moustafa omar

Mustafa Omar won first prize in the photo competition organised by Filoproodos Omilos Kampou (Chios)

Metadrasi - moustafa omar

With a photo depicting a dog in the foreground and a marble staircase in the background, set in Kampos, Chios, Mustafa made a big impression and won everyone’s hearts!

The 17-year-ord refugee from Syria, arrived in Greece a year and a half ago, while for the past 15 months he has been living in METAdrasi’s Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Chios. His love for photography that follows him since he was a little boy, continues to express itself through images, faces and landscapes around him.

Congratulations Mustafa!

You may find the article in Greek here.

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