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Good-bye to Raida*, with a wide smile!

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16-year-old Raida left her home in Afghanistan, together with her parents and siblings, seeking for shelter in Europe. While crossing the sea from Turkey their boat sank, and Raida ended up alone, at a coast on Lesvos.

METAdrasi’s team undertook her support from the very first moment she was located, providing personalized care, through the Guardianship Network, as well as hospitality in a foster family. We were by her side in her steps towards regaining strength and optimism, in order to continue her life.

“It is not easy for you to understand, but it’s an increadible feeling to feel safe in a foreign country,” she told us at some point.

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Today, after two years’ procedures, Raida lives with relatives in Northern Europe. She continues to be a diligent student and to struggle for her dream to study and become a journalist, like her father.

“When I met her she was shy, introverted, sad. I’m so glad to see her leave smiling and full of optimism,” says Penny, member of METAdrasi’s Network for Unaccompanied Minors, who accompanied Raida to her relatives. “She told me she would like to return to Greece on a holiday, having got rid of bad memories…”

We wish Raida to carry on winning life’s various battles, always with the same soul power and positiveness.

Read Raida’s article in the school’s magazine, along with her painting.

*The child’s name has been changed, in order to protect her personal data

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