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METAdrasi’s Greek language classes: cutting the Traditional New Year cake

Last Friday, the 350 students of METAdrasi’s Greek language courses were invited in our offices, where the lessons take place, in order to celebrate together, on the occasion of cutting the traditional New Year cake.

Students of all ages, from dozens of countries like Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Bangladesh etc., joined us, many along with their families and all of them with great joy!

METAdrasi’s team members had prepared greeting cards for the students. Nevertheless, they did not expect what they were offered by them: each one brought some delicacy or dessert from their home country and presented it proudly to classmates and teachers!

We were moved by their enthusiasm and, above all, their desire to take care of us, to treat us with something! We wish our devoted students great progress and every success in their big efforts to get aquainted with Greek language and culture and integrate into the Greek society!

The education and integration programmes by METAdrasi are framed by specialized teachers and competent volunteers, and are supported by the “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Konstantakopoulos” Foundation and the Swedish organization “We do what we can“.

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