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Participation in Hill School’s Christmas event

METAdrasi participated in Hill School’s Christmas event, last Saturday. This year we had the chance to exhibit crafts and gifts made with great enthusiasm, inspiration and love by the unaccompanied children accommodated in our shelter in Samos. Each child had accompanied their creations with tags writing his/her name, as well as with cards containing messages that deeply moved the visitors.

The unaccompanied children hosted in our shelter in Athens took part, for second year, in this special event and had fun playing, singing and dancing with the school’s students and visitors, in a very friendly and warm atmosphere.

We warmly thank Hill School and the Parents & Guardians Association that have always stood by our side: for their kind invitation and the joy they brought to the children accommodated in our facilities, for the reception of three young unaccompanied children in the kindergarten last year, as well as for their support towards METAdrasi’s first accommodation facility in Lesvos in 2015.

At this crucial time, that METAdrasi’s s Accommodation Facilities for Unaccompanied Minors in Athens, Samos and Lesvos are in need, every support is highly important!

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