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Metadrasi - Kentra meletis

Homework and Creative Activities Centers in Athens and in Thessaloniki

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📢 In order for all children to have access to knowledge and especially to fill the educational gaps they have so that they can attend classes at school on an equal basis, METAdrasi expands and develops new courses for the school year 2021-2022.

More specifically, METAdrasi’s educational program in Athens and in Thessaloniki, includes the following new courses:
• Greek, English and German language courses, levels Α0-Β1
• remedial teaching
• courses for the illiterate students
• preparatory courses for participation in Greek language competency exams
• preparatory courses for Greek university admission exams “Panellinies”

The courses are addressed to children and teenagers 6-18 years old, while there will be a space for creative activities for children 4-6 years old.

ℹ Enrollments take place on-line by email to mkaraitidi@metadrasi.org & ndimitrouka@metadrasi.org
📌 Information | Registration forms: here

Since METAdrasi’s “Step2School” programme begun in 2017, the contribution of volunteers has been invaluable.

Since September 2021 the programme is funded by UNICEF Greece under the All Children in Education action.

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