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How do we say “good morning” in Greek?

“With ENTAXEI, I began to understand the Greek language and I am glad that I can communicate” says 14-year-old Mirna* from Syria.

17-year-old Hatim* from Afghanistan adds: “Now that I have learned Greek, I feel more confident at school. I hope ENTAXEI will help my little brother too”.

The multilingual support guide ENTAXEI was created by METAdrasi with the initial aim to help teenager refugees and migrants, who speak English, Arabic or Farsi, overcome the verbal communication barrier in Greece. However, it has also proven to be an invaluable tool for adults who are trying to learn the Greek language.

After the positive response and the increased demand from entities, schools, refugee camps, NGOs, associations etc. from around the country, METAdrasi proceeded to its reprint, thanks to the support of the European Commission’s Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department (ECHO).

Copies of ENTAXEI, apart from METAdrasi’s educational projects, will be distributed to educational coordinators, schools, NGOs, hotspots, safe zones etc. all over Greece.

If you wish to receive ENTAXEI, you can fill the form in METAdrasi’s website.
In the same link, you may find more information and download ENTAXEI in digital form.

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