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Humanitarian aid distribution with precious assistants the unaccompanied children

On Thursday 16/3 and Friday 17/3 METAdrasi carried out a humanitarian aid distribution at VIAL Reception and Identification Center, in Chios.

On the first day, 500 pairs of shoes and an equal number of adult socks were distributed to everyone present (while a quantity was left in storage in order to cover needs of future arrivals) and on the second day 250 baby and child care kits were distributed (diapers, feeding bottles, clothing, baby milk, etc.), all broken down by size and sex.

Three of the unaccompanied children accommodated in METAdrasi’s shelter in Chios, as soon as they heard about the distribution, they enthusiastically offered to help: with impressive speed they managed to find the requested sizes of shoes and clothes, handed them over with a smile and informed the beneficiaries in Farsi, even helping out our interpreters!

We thank the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for trusting METAdrasi and supporting this mission, in order to cover important needs that we had recorded in VIAL.

We also thank all our team members for working with eagerness and consistency in Athens and Chios, so that this mission was successfully performed, as well as the people of VIAL for their cooperation.

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