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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Stepping 1

Interesting seminars by Stepping Stone for the month of November

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Stepping 1

Engaging seminars and training sessions took place in both Athens and Thessaloniki as part of the Stepping Stone Educational Integration Programme throughout the month of November. Thoroughly designed to address the diverse needs of its participants, the Programme’s activities offered a platform of valuable knowledge and new skill development. The focus spanned various areas, from computer literacy to hairstyling, as well as cultivation, agricultural production, and farm work.

A comprehensive five-day training course dedicated to enhancing digital basic skills was carried out by Techno Edu, in collaboration with Mr. Yiannis Sois. Following this, Agronomist and Mr. Andreas Papastavrou, organized a two-day gardening seminar, showcasing plant care techniques applicable to gardens and terraces, as well as a range of agricultural tasks.

METAdrasi was pleased to welcome V. to its training center in Thessaloniki, a success story of METAdrasi’s Entrepreneurship Programme “Ready4Business.” Having initiated his own business in Greece, V. shared his expertise in styling with over 20 enthusiastic participants, while also focusing on the practical aspects of the hairstylist profession. V. passionately encouraged the audience to pursue their dreams with confidence, emphasizing the importance of self-confidence.

METAdrasi’s Stepping Stone Programme is supported by UNHCR.

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