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Metadrasi - International Day of Education 1

International Day of Education 2022

The snow may have forced us to postpone our planned activities for the International Day of Education, but we did celebrate in our educational centre in Athens such an important day!

We divided our students into three large groups and chose a different activity for each group. Our younger students (4-6 years old) enjoyed their online communication with the School Life and Education Museum. They talked about toys then and now, played, painted, guessed what material each toy was made of and began to compare them to their own toys.

Our students aged 6-12 had the opportunity to meet online the author of children’s literature Sofia Zarampouka. Her tenderness, her interaction with all the students and her excessive love for the children, made us all shine with joy! We talked about history, mythology, books, school, and quickly the discussion was led to the countries of origin of the children, most of which the author had visited, a fact that thrilled the children!

Our older students (13-18 years old) had an equally unique experience: The association “Petra-Union of Friends of Polychoros” visited us at education center and presented to our students its theatrical-pedagogical activity. The amazing team spoke through music and theater about the value of choice and the necessity of art in our lives, while highlighting issues of acceptance and respect, as well as issues of freedom of expression.

We warmly thank them all for this great “embrace” they offered to our students!

Since September 2021 METAdrasi’s Educational Centre in Athens operates with the support of UNICEF Greece under the All Children in Education action.

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