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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Somali Girls School 2024

Interpretation in Education: Ten girls from Somalia take their first steps in a Greek school!

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Somali Girls School 2024

Throughout the school year, METAdrasi received numerous requests from various schools in Greece for interpretation support for their students. One such request came from a Vocational Lyceum hosting a reception class with ten girls from Somalia.

The progress of this class was hindered by the significant language barrier, preventing the students from meeting the teachers’ expectations. In response, METAdrasi organized regular weekly visits of an interpreter.

The presence of the interpreter led to immediate positive results. The girls were not only able to start learning Greek, but also began to socialize and integrate effectively into the school environment. Their teacher and the principal noticed major improvements in their engagement and participation.

Now, as the school year comes to an end, these girls have gained more learning tools and confidence, better preparing themselves for the upcoming school year.  

METAdrasi’s certified interpreters are called upon daily to facilitate communication among teachers, students, and their parents, essentially supporting the integration of children in school. Since the beginning of the school year of 2021 to date, our interpreters have carried out more than 2,440 interpreting sessions in more than 30 different languages across 402 schools throughout Greece, including Attica, Central Greece, Macedonia, Epirus, and the islands.

METAdrasi’s activity “Interpretation for Education” is implemented in co-operation with the Ministry of Education and operates within the framework of the programme “All Children in Education”, a UNICEF Greece initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, co-funded by the European Union, and implemented in collaboration with a number of partners, including METAdrasi.

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