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Interpreting at hospitals


A few days ago, a refugee woman from Syria visited the Tzaneio General Hospital of Piraeus, accompanied by her two children. While she was waiting to get examined, she fainted. Her children were very upset and worried. A nurse undertook her immediate care, while a member of METAdrasi’s interpretation team reassured the two children, talking in their mother tongue, until their mother regained consciousness. Then, the interpreter helped in the communication among the mother and the doctors.

“Tzaneio” is one of the dozens of hospitals where METAdrasi supports on a daily basis, through interpretation teams, the vital communication among healthcare personnel and refugee and migrant patients. Since March 2018, more than 17,000 interpretation sessions, in 28 languages, have been realised in 44 hospitals, all over Greece.

You may find more information and a detailed list of hospitals and timetables, here.

The activity “Provision of Interpretation to Healthcare Services” is implemented with the support of European Commission’s Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations department – ECHO.

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