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A foster mother speaks about her experience at the National Greek TV channel ERT

Eftychia Michou, mother of four who, together with her family, has offered foster care to 8 unaccompanied children, talks about her experience:
”About two years ago, we found out about METAdrasi’s activity and we thought that it was a very nice way to help a child that had no family. And the best way was to embrace this child…
It is an amazing experience! A big lesson, for myself and my husband and our own, biological children, as well as for the foster children to whom we offered a home.”

METAdrasi’s president, Lora Pappa, thanking all the families that have offered foster care to unaccompanied children, adds:
“These children will never forget! It is a part of their lives, the fact that a Greek family protected them, embraced them during a very difficult time.”

The activity “Foster Care for Unaccompanied Children” is supported by UNHCR with co-funding by the European Commission.

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