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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Job Fair Kos 1

Job fairs in Samos, Ritsona, Kos and Chios

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Job Fair Kos 1

✔️ Following the very successful career days held at the end of February in Lesvos, similar job fairs were organized with the participation of METAdrasi’s “Stepping Stone” programme, focusing mainly on the Aegean islands.

✔️ The Career days were organized by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum and UNHCR in cooperation with IOM Greece and with the support of Civil Society Organizations, with METAdrasi playing a central role by facilitating the participation of many employers.

✔️ More specifically, METAdrasi participated by supporting the interested parties in every step, from the drafting of their CVs and the checking of their documents, to the support of both potential employees and their employers, mainly in bureaucratic issues.

✔️ Apart from the Stepping Stone team, the Job Fairs were actively supported by our Interpreter and Education teams. In addition, the Organization participated as an employer looking for potential interpreters.

✔️ The career days were attended by asylum seekers and recognised refugees residing in or outside the shelters.

✔️ The job fairs were held in Samos, Ritsona, Kos and Chios and gave the opportunity to fill positions in key sectors such as tourism or catering, where there is a significant shortage of staff.

✔️ In total, more than 1,000 beneficiaries participated and more than 1,500 interviews were conducted. Thanks to the new legislation allowing asylum seekers to work within two months form their arrival in Greece, interest was high with more than 600 offers to potential employees.

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