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I am learning greek! I am integrating into society!

With great joy, the unaccompanied children hosted in our accommodation facilities in Samos, Chios and Athens got their new notebooks & books and their satchels, put on their brightest smile and returned to school! Some of them have already learned Greek during the past school year and are willing to help – along with the facility’s educational staff – their friends who are encountering difficulties.

At the same time, our 325 students of the Step2School education programme in Athens and Thessaloniki, having completed the summer courses, started this year dynamically, while METAdrasi continues to support their education in the afternoons.

At METAdrasi’s Non Formal Education Centers in Mytilene, Kara Tepe and outside of Vial, the children of the refugee camps broaden their horizons and acquire daily valuable knowledge, indispensable for their present and future.

Finally, our adult students, who attend specially designed Greek language courses, take daily steps in the world of Greek language and discover the elements of Greek culture, getting to know the country in which they live.

We wish for all our students, younger and older, this year to be bright, full of smiles and hope! We will be by their side, at their every effort!

Note: The photos are from the event for the completion of the Step2School summer program. Classes are now daily 16:00-18:00, for 6-12 year olds and 18:00-20:00 for 13-18 year olds. You may find more info here.

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