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Learning to balance

How easy is it to balance on a stretched rope? How easy is it to balance between a traumatic past and an uncertain future?
The members of METAdrasi’s Guardianship Network for Unaccompanied Minors encourage and support unaccompanied children in many different ways…

“Unaccompanied children in the Reception and Identification Centre of Kos are in need of activities and entertainment. One of the ideas I suggested was the slackline and they immediately showed interest. When, in fact, they tried it, they were thrilled!

At first, the children were trying to cross the slackline from one end to the other, making 2-3 steps, until they lose their balance, step down and try again. I explained that it is more important-and difficult at the same time! – to try to keep their balance without walking at all in the beginning.

The children are trying to find, retain and regain their balance, in a joyful atmosphere, with jokes, encouragement and rewards for their friends, offering their support, at the other’s request, or when the occasion may require.

Apart from physical exercise, the children explore a new perception of balance in life, develop skills and boost their confidence. At the same time, they engage in team spirit and learn to overcome their limits and practice their breathing, but also their patience and concentration.”

Sevastianos, member of METAdrasi’s Guardianship Network for Unaccompanied Minors in Kos

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