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Majid wins gold medal at the 2020 Panhellenic Muay-Tai Championship

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Majid 1

With great pride we admired Majid at the 2020 Panhellenic Muay-Tai Championship games, where he won the gold medal in the 60 kg category. A child from Afghanistan, Majid arrived in Lesvos alone, as an unaccompanied minor and remained in the unhuman conditions of Moria camp for almost a year. A polite child, full of will to learn and progress, he started already from when he was in Lesvos attending lessons in METAdrasi’s Education Center. A young man now, he stands out for his modesty and Ethos. Key traits for a worthy athlete!

In Athens, he started practicing his favorite sport in Exarchia, where the team White Tiger Muay Thai Camp “embraced” him from the very first moment and continues to support him in his efforts. And when he turned 18 and was once again close to becoming homeless, he joined the “Home” that METAdrasi operates for unaccompanied children who have now become adults. And so, he continued his school, his training, but also his lessons in METAdrasi. Even now, he finds the time to voluntarily give lessons of the martial arts he knows so well, to young children!

Upon his return home, after the sweet fatigue of victory, he received tons of congratulations from the other children and together, as one family, we celebrated his brilliant success. What an amazing feeling!

Majid’s dream is to become the best Muay-Tai athlete in the world. But in this dream there are dozens of obstacles and time-consuming procedures. We wish that one day he will be able to compete outside Greece, hopefully with the Greek colors. Because Majid’s dream, is our dream as well and together we will try to make it true. As we will fight for the dreams of the dozens of talented unaccompanied children who unfortunately they are not given the chances they so much deserve in our country.

A bright exception is the President of the Muay-Tai Federation, whom we thank so much for his support to unaccompanied children and young refugees.

We also thank all the people who crossed Majid’s path and helped him. We are sure that they all feel as proud for him as we do!

Congratulations, Majid! And good luck in the matches for the Greek Cup in Loutraki!

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