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Science and technology open day with Maker Space at Serafio: widening the horizons of the unaccompanied teenagers

Robot duels, space travels with virtual reality gadgets, toys created with 3D printers and laser cutters: these are only some of the unique experiences that the unaccompanied teenagers, supported by METAdrasi’s “Supported Independent Living” activity, had the chance to live during the science and technology open day that took place at Serafio, on Saturday, June 9.

Maker Space is a key component of the innovative “Designed for Better Learning” programme by the City of Athens, implemented in collaboration with the TUC TIE Lab of the Technical University of Crete, with Stavros Niarchos Foundation as exclusive donor and Athens Partnership as coordinator. “Designed for Better Learning” received the Gold Award at Education Leaders Awards 2018, in the category “Best Learning Experience”.

The unaccompanied teenagers gained invaluable information and knowledge, that we hope that will add to their skills’ development and will prove to be useful in their future career in the labor market.

METAdrasi’s activity “Supported Independent Living for unaccompanied minors” is implemented with support and funding from UNICEF.

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