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Mathematical Dictionary: a tool for students and educators

It is easy to impress children with a game. But, how can one excite them over mathematics?

The Mathematical Dictionary was created for this reason and students welcomed it with great joy. Little Benan from Iraq began exploring shapes, geometry, equations and discovering the magical world of numbers. “The enthusiasm of a child, like Benan, when holding in his hands the Mathematical Dictionary, shows that the creation of such publications, including material in refugees’ and migrants’ mother tongue, as well as in Greek, reinforces students’ efforts to learn our language and integrate into society and greatly facilitates the work of educators next to children” highlights Benan’s teacher.

The Mathematical Dictionary is a valuable tool which, by presenting mathematical terms in Greek, Turkish, Farsi, Urdu and English, aims at helping the reader familiarize with and embrace the science of mathematics, enabling at the same time the procedure of learning Greek.

The Mathematical Dictionary was created by SolidarityNow in collaboration with METAdrasi, with the support of UNICEF and with the funding of the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations.

You may find more information on the Mathematical Dictionary as well as the online edition, here.

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