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Metadrasi - family

We are a member of Family for Every Child, a global alliance of local civil society organisations from around the world, working together to ensure that more children grow up safe and protected within families. Through Family, we advocate for better child protection policies and services, we share good practices and innovation, we carry out research on the issues faced by children in our contexts and we continuously learn from each other and with partners to improve the way we work. For more information, check www.familyforeverychild.org

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We are members of FEANTSA  (Fédération Européenne d’Associations Nationales Travaillant avec les Sans-Abri), the only major European network that focuses exclusively on homelessness  at European level. FEANTSA  monitors the scope and nature of homelessness in Europe  and national and local homeless policy-making in Europe in the framework of the European Commission’s strategy on social protection and social inclusion.
FEANTSA’s  ultimate goal is an end to homelessness in Europe.   In order to achieve this  goal it  works closely with other EU institutions and has consultative status at the Council of Europe and the United Nations.

Metadrasi - EGN

ΜΕΤΑdrasi is a member of European Guardianship Network (EGN) which aims to promote all development towards professional guardianship and increased quality of guardianship. EGN wants to improve the working standards of guardians and – by doing so – the rights and well-being of unaccompanied and separated children by assisting in the development of guardianship systems, offering support to individual guardians or social workers and exchanging good practices and know how.